How much do Prom Djs Cost in the Bay Area (San Jose, Fremont, Morgan Hill and Gilroy ,Oakland, San Francisco)?

One of the most common questions we get is what is the cost to do a school dance. This question is a hard one to answer since there are many answers. In the San Jose area, there is a saturation of Djs. Silicon Valley is the mecca of tech so many folks dive in the technology functions of a dj. Long gone are the record players (Technics) that play 12 inch vinyl which took way more skill and more of a financial responsibility. These days it is so much easier to mix music with the sync button and downloadable music. This makes it easier for the buyer since they have so many djs to choose from.



Find out with the dj is legit. It may be hard to see which djs are professional when you first speak with them. Just be aware of djs who undercharge since they are cutting corners and why are they under valuing their service. A good way to detect the quality of the dj is to look up their online reviews. It proves what quality or lack there of service they have and the customer can feel confident in their pick.


Costs of Prom DJs

Since proms due have budget constraints, it is best to let the dj know to see if the dj can work with it or they can recommend somebody who can do it that that price. Since proms can be extravagant events I have seen ranges of 600 to 1200 for the 4 to 6 hour event. In different parts of the country they have different rates but when it comes to the Bay Area it is on the higher end.

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