Dj Equipment Highlight: Numark DJ2FGO2


 Every time after an event, I think about what would make it better. Often I would think what other songs would have been appropriate and what equipment would be better to make the set up faster. I like the fact that I believe in having back ups to my back ups. I always bring my main Pioneer controller.  It is a work-horse and I can use it without fail. Earlier this year, I would bring another Pioneer controller just in case. Just in case never happened but it was peace of mind and there was no worry since I had my back up. 

  I learned of a mini controller that would fit on the laptop. Maybe it was too good to be true but I looked into it. Many folks thought it was a nice piece of equipment.  The Numark DJ2GO2 is a matter a fact to go equipment that can be set up in minutes. There was no learning curve and it was easy to mix music. If there is a fear that someone can not mix with it, but one can actually beat-match and throw in a song at the appropriate time.  One of the only downsides is one cannot get down with the scratching on this equipment. It is a simple controller to manage your music. Also if one is going on a trip, he or she can prepare their set since its very mobile. This piece of equipment is a good back up and can rock any party if needed.