Part 2 Wireless Microphone versus Lapel Microphone versus Wired Microphone for the Ceremony

We talked about the microphones and it is time to pick the right microphones for the ceremony. I have heard other djs speak about they rely on the corded microphone for ceremonies. As a dj company, they can offer the different microphone choices. They can be able to work any of the 3 types of microphones. A professional always prepares for the unexpected. What happens with the battery dies? What happens if the signal drops?  What happens if someone trips on the cord? What happens if the microphone picks up another signal and heard through the speakers?


Providing the sound, the dj has to let the officiant and or groom know how to use the wireless microphone or the lapel. Typically, the dj puts the lapel on the officiant or groom with the microphone pointed up. Then the dj will tuck the cabling in the shirt or pocket so its not totally visible. 

I always bring a multi channel mixer when it comes to ceremonies. I hook up a wireless microphone, a lapel and a corded microphone to it and test them all before the ceremony to ensure they work. Batteries should be within reach in case one of the wireless microphones need them. Depending on microphone, it gives indications if the battery is running low on the receiver or on the microphone itself. 

Which one is the best? It all depends what the bride the groom wants. With technology, every microphone sounds better than ever. At the same time, a classic never goes out of style (a corded microphone).


Dj Equipment Highlight: Numark DJ2FGO2


 Every time after an event, I think about what would make it better. Often I would think what other songs would have been appropriate and what equipment would be better to make the set up faster. I like the fact that I believe in having back ups to my back ups. I always bring my main Pioneer controller.  It is a work-horse and I can use it without fail. Earlier this year, I would bring another Pioneer controller just in case. Just in case never happened but it was peace of mind and there was no worry since I had my back up. 

  I learned of a mini controller that would fit on the laptop. Maybe it was too good to be true but I looked into it. Many folks thought it was a nice piece of equipment.  The Numark DJ2GO2 is a matter a fact to go equipment that can be set up in minutes. There was no learning curve and it was easy to mix music. If there is a fear that someone can not mix with it, but one can actually beat-match and throw in a song at the appropriate time.  One of the only downsides is one cannot get down with the scratching on this equipment. It is a simple controller to manage your music. Also if one is going on a trip, he or she can prepare their set since its very mobile. This piece of equipment is a good back up and can rock any party if needed.