Early Sunday Wedding (Different wedding ideas)

Not every wedding in the same. There is not cookie cutter way to have a wedding. Bride and groom decide what type of wedding they want to share with their guests. 

  I met with a couple that wanted an early Sunday wedding. They let me know they did not want any lights since it was so early.  But I brought one just in case.  It was a cloudy day so it did create a dark room even though they had a lot of windows. 

  They had one of their bridesmaids officiate the wedding. It makes it a nice touch with someone knows the bride/groom officiates the wedding and talks about him or her.

The cocktail hour was held outside separate from the reception. During the cocktail and dinnertime, jazzy music was played so it gave the wedding a classy feel.


The grand entrance was only the bride and groom then it lead to the first dance. Soon after then it was the father daughter dance. After those dances, the bride and groom thanked their guests. 

What made this wedding so different was it was not dark outside and it was minus the bouquet toss and garter toss.  A wedding can be any which way. It is a celebration of passage of life and certain traditions do not need to be included. Wedding was a blast.  

The pluses of having an early Sunday Wedding is that guests do not need to leave the event early since it finished at 330. It would give guests an opportunity to get home at a reseaonable time in case they have to go to work the next day.