The Importance of a Mentor (in Business or in Life)

The Importance of a Mentor (in Business or in Life)


It is the end of the year so folks start making their New Years Resolutions. Unfortunately most resolutions are not completed.  People are so gung ho with joining a gym and losing weight. Or the resolution maybe saving a percentage of the income to go on a trip somewhere. If one can only have one resolution s/he want to accomplish getting a mentor should be the only one that s/he needs. A mentor is someone who has been where you want to go. They have failed and succeeded.  Why make the same mistakes they have?


When I started to learn to dj, at the time I bought top of the line gear. I felt that I had to go all in.  I started off with some Technic 1200s with a mixer and an amp with one speaker. While spending hours learning how to match beats, I did not know how to throw the next song on the first beat. I did not know how to manipulate the record accurately. One day my business partner brought over his brother who was playing at nightclubs and really good at his craft. With a quick tutorial I was able to mix at the right time.  He showed me how to hold on to the first beat and throw it in at the beginning of the chorus. Back then there was no YouTube, so dj skills had to be taught or learned solo. Once I was able to do that, then I could play publicly. No more bedroom dj status.


Often at  times we are afraid to ask for help. Pride gets in the way and progress will not be made.


Find a skill that one wants to improve on and then find someone who has experience in it.  Mentors are out there but they have to be found and asked. No need for pride but the rewards outweighs any embarrassment of asking. Often times, mentors are honored that that are asked to help out. It shows that they are appreciated. Find someone that one looks up to in your field and ask for their assistance. If they say no, then ask another person who has experience. At the end, one becomes better with a mentor.