Best business tip (life tip) from Black and White Affair Dj Services (A Life Hack)

Best business tip (life tip) from Black and White Affair Dj Services (A Life Hack)


Life is about balance.   Well- balanced folks can not be all work and no play. Therefore one cannot be all play and no work. Some folks work to live while others live to work. There must be a balance to be truly happy. Goals that are written become the plan to follow.


Books provide oodles of useful information.  Learning is an ongoing process and does not stop with a degree or certificate. I read a book that mentioned going after goals in business.  The typical person sets yearly goals and tries to get them done. The goal is written and they have 365 days to get the goal accomplished.  It also mentioned when deadlines are due then the go getters finish their goal.  Why wait for 12 months when one can have quarterly goals that only go for 3 months.  More goals can be accomplished.


In business, everything is tracked from receipts of purchases to how many postcards were sent out. Some months end up being busier than others and that is recorded.  


One of my most prize possessions right now is a black notebook. In the back of the book, I write my quarterly goals (for example for October, November, and December). I just do not just write my business goals, but my work out goals, plus my big chores I want to do around the house. In the front of the book I do my weekly write out where I put down what I did toward my quarterly goals.

For example, one of my quarterly goals is to create content for my blog and in my weekly goal for Wednesday I  created a new post.  Also I want to run 30 to 40 miles a month, and I ran 2 miles in my weekly write out for that one day. True that it is nice to go after business goals, but at times the only one that holds us accountable is ourselves and it’s best to write it out. It is rewarding to actually see what we have done written out.


Every day I try to do a few activities for business and health. I may have created a new mix or made a funky playlist. Maybe I played basketball for a few hours. One can not live on bread alone. There must be a balance of other activities outside of work.