How have I changed over the years of Djing

How have I changed over the years of Djing.


When I first started I was part of a duo. With my Dj partner we would load up his truck and set all the dj equipment up. I would be in total ease while we were setting up since my dj partner was an engineer so he could fix any issue. He would be sort of stressed while we set up. But we always had everything up and ready. I would be the music man on the turntables and he would Emcee. I could easily stand behind the decks and play music nonstop. I would not want to speak on the microphone. I would be focused on the music and the smooth transitions.  Occasionally I would speak on the mic but I felt like it was not my bag of tea.  I would worry about feedback and how my voice would sound amplified.  Microphones have to be held a certain way to sound better. Also when you stand too close to the speakers it can cause feedback.


 Later my Dj partner moved away and I had to bring all the equipment myself in my own vehicle.  I had to load everything myself and unload and set up. I make sure I show up an hour or more before an event to set everything up. I still do not stress since I bring back ups to my back ups and never have to worry about something not working. I at first was reluctant to speak on the mic. But with practice, everything becomes easier. I never had issues in front of a crowd but there is something different with speaking on a microphone.  A few times I month I do monthly presentations for 45 minutes so speaking aloud is not an issue. I actually enjoy doing announcements for events.


Of course, there has been technology advances. Back in the day, I would make mix cds and hand them out. Now I can post mixes online and folks around the world can preview it.  Now, I can send a link in case someone wants to hear a mixing sample.