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First Wedding Dance Mistakes

The First Dance of the wedding is monumental. There is debate that folks say the couple should dance the whole song so they couple can relish the moment and the videographer and cameraman can get different angles of the couple during the dance.

I do not believe in should. All weddings are a product of the couple so they can choose how long their song and dance can be. If the couple wants to dance for a few minutes and the dj can fade the song away can be an option. If a couple cannot decide on one song, the dj can premix two songs into one and couples can be creative with their dance. The first song can be a slow song then it can turn into a salsa song to add some spice to the dance. Speaking of being creative, the couple can hire a dance instructor for their first dance. Also communicate with your dj so he can play the song when the couple are on the dance floor since it may be choreographed. It would be good to get the right song version. Best advice, that I can give is to practice the first dance with the music before the wedding. Practice the moves and also smiling. Some people get nervous and forget to smile. 


When does the first dance happen? When I help set up weddings, I do suggest having it right after the grand entrance. All the attention is on the couple so why not grab their attention for a few minutes more. There is no food in front of the guests so there have less distraction during the first dance. 

First Dance Mistakes

Single Op DJ Business Versus Multi Op DJ Business

Single  Dj Operator Business (one owner)


When a business is ran by a single operator then it’s the owner that the client speaks with and it’s the owner of the company who shows up to the event. The client knows whom they are going to get. Typically the company will have one set up with a possible back up. I am a single operator business and I have my main set up, but I can set up like an outside ceremony and have my main set up for the reception plus can do the cocktail area if needed.


A Multi Operated Business (fewer of these but own the market)


When a business is ran by an owner and may speak with the client and owner may do the event but can send another dj to do the event.  The person who the client spoke and gave details about the event may not be the same person who shows up. If a group has mulitipe events, one dj can be awesome but at the next event can be done by someone who is not as great.  I have seen ads on craigslist for djs to join multi op dj companies who ask for no experience and will train. Do you want that  inexperienced person to do your event?


Which is better?


A Multi Op dj company may have more online reviews and a bigger presence online. It helps having more help on the phones booking wedding venues as their preferred vendors thus increasing more gigs thus earning more of an online presence. But then again one dj may be good and the other ones in the same company may not be as talented.


A Single Op dj clients know what to expect since they are at every event, so there are no surprises and less chance of miscommunication. A single Op dj is the owner of the company and puts in the work. In an ideal world, a multi op dj company would be the best option since they have multiple djs and if the dj could not make it then they could have a replacement and lots of back up equipment but the level of talent is not consistent. If I had to hire an multi Op dj company I would request the owner to do my event, since I know s/he would be passionate with their work. Anyone who has talent  and passion would establish their own dj company. A growing relationship can evolve with a Single OP Dj company since communication is with the same dj and s/he will be there to share the important event with the client.