When Should You Book Your Wedding DJ?


One of the first items on the to wedding to do list is to book a venue. Once that is established, then next on the list is to find the dj. Often times, we can select a dj that you seen perform at a wedding that you liked. It is recommended to book your dj 9 months to a year in advance to secure the dj of your choice. Most weddings happen on Saturday but if another day such as Friday or Sunday is selected then there is a better chance that your dj maybe available.  A lot more weddings happen during wedding season during the summer months. The temperature is better suited for the wedding and some weddings can be held outside without it being too cold or rainy.


For me, it would be good to have the booking 6 months ahead. In that time, there is not a rush to meet and go over logistics and gives the dj and the couple time to work on the playlist together. Then once the date is around the corner the list is already done and the plan is already established so there is less to worry about.


It is beneficial to pick your number 1 dj since he will not be booked that day and also for peace of mind. There is so much going on for the wedding that it is one less item to think about.


The dj will most likely ask for a nonrefundable deposit to secure the day. The reason for the nonrefundable deposit so the dj will not lose business in case the original customer cancels on the event and the dj turned down other events since he was booked for that prior event.