Wedding Regrets: DJ Miscommunication


  A dj should always do a sound check every time they do their set up. A sound check can consist of how loud they want to music during dinner and how loud they want it when it is the dance part of the night.  Wireless Microphones can be checked if they work and also if they have a full battery especially if they are going to do speeches. It would be ideal to have a wired microphone handy just in case the wireless microphone battery runs out or the signal gets lost.


The dinner music is background music. Guests should be able to talk to their neighbor without any strain.


Bride and groom can give the dj a must play list. Songs that have significant meaning for them or just songs they would love to have in the dance section of the night.


The first dance of the couple is a monumental song but at times the song can be too long and the dj plays the whole song out. How many one arm turns can the groom give the bride? The dj can fade out the song but can communicate with the couple on how long they want to song.


When the dj is stuck on one genre during the dance part of the night. The couple may have requested a solo genre but sometimes it is good to spread the love a little bit for the guests who are not dancing by putting on a different genre.


Explicit lyrics may have been cool while driving to your high school while you were in high school but in a place with your grandma and maybe children at the same place, it’s best to go clean version. 


Top Wedding Regrets: The Guest List 

Top Wedding Regrets: The Guest List


Weddings can be small and intimate and then some can be grand big events. One side of the bride of groom guests may be larger than the other side. The question is whom do you invite to share your precious day with you and your new spouse?


 First and foremost the immediate family and the closest friends can be invited. People who you probably never see again can be left off the list. People who you have known your whole life and that you have not spoken to in 10 years should be left off the list. It becomes difficult since at times parents help with wedding costs and they have their own list of folks that they want to invite. Some people on the list maybe people you have never met before.  A wedding is expensive as is already and the list should be made by the couple and not by guests suggesting that the couple should invite.


Everybody wants to bring his or her kids.  Bride and groom can opt to have an adult only wedding. Having little kids run the dance floor while you are doing the first dance would not look too good on video.  I do not remember any weddings I went as a kid but I did go to a few.


Small weddings are more intimate and the guests are selectively picked to enrich the wedding experience. During the wedding it is great to talk to all the guests and thank them for going. If the party is full of folks you barely know it makes it awkward when you are doing small talk.  

All and all people maybe upset that they were not invited. But a wedding is for the bride and groom and they can invite folks that mean something to them.


Good Questions to Ask Wedding Djs before You Hire Him/Her  (and better answers)


Good Questions to Ask Wedding Djs before You Hire Him/Her  (and better answers from Bay Area San Jose based DJ)

Can you provide a wireless microphone or multiple microphones?

Yes, I do have a wireless microphone and can connect multiple wired microphones if needed.


Can you provide sound for our ceremony also?

I do have multiple sounds systems and have done multiple events for the ceremony and for the reception.


Do you have mixes online or on cd we can listen to?

Please check out


Can we see your song list?

We do have over 70 k songs. We help you make your playlist.


What is included in your quote?

We do one to two consultations to talk about the wedding and playlist.  The dj actually performing at the wedding and set up and take down. It includes the use of top of line equipment.


Are there any genres of music you feel that you specialize in?

I do love playing the old school. I am a child of the nineties so I love to play R&B and hip-hop of that time. I also listened to what my older siblings listened to in the 80s so I have an ear for that. When I first started spinning records it was the music of the 00’s.


How can we collaborate on the playlist together?

I want to the wedding to be a soundtrack of the couple’s life. I can make suggestions but they have the final say. Usually we use a google document to add and take away from the list.


How many breaks do you need?

What are breaks? I may need 10 minutes to eat but I am always on the clock. 


When Should You Book Your Wedding DJ?


One of the first items on the to wedding to do list is to book a venue. Once that is established, then next on the list is to find the dj. Often times, we can select a dj that you seen perform at a wedding that you liked. It is recommended to book your dj 9 months to a year in advance to secure the dj of your choice. Most weddings happen on Saturday but if another day such as Friday or Sunday is selected then there is a better chance that your dj maybe available.  A lot more weddings happen during wedding season during the summer months. The temperature is better suited for the wedding and some weddings can be held outside without it being too cold or rainy.


For me, it would be good to have the booking 6 months ahead. In that time, there is not a rush to meet and go over logistics and gives the dj and the couple time to work on the playlist together. Then once the date is around the corner the list is already done and the plan is already established so there is less to worry about.


It is beneficial to pick your number 1 dj since he will not be booked that day and also for peace of mind. There is so much going on for the wedding that it is one less item to think about.


The dj will most likely ask for a nonrefundable deposit to secure the day. The reason for the nonrefundable deposit so the dj will not lose business in case the original customer cancels on the event and the dj turned down other events since he was booked for that prior event. 


Top Wedding Regrets: Not Spending Enough Money on the Dj


These days everyone and their mom are a dj. With technology advances, many folks can play music and make legit transitions.


Do you truly like the dj you hired based on his or her skill level or just the price that the dj gave you.  For the sake of your wedding reception, please make sure the dj has experience to play at a wedding. The Dj makes or breaks the wedding with his music and microphone presence.


If a dj is charging 200 or 300 dollars then they are a beginner dj and its best to get a family friend to play music off their ipod since it will be the exact same experience.

You get what you pay for.


Djs that charge 400 to 600 are part time djs who have full time jobs.  They do have some experience and can have a good experience with these djs.


Djs that charge over 1000 to 2500 dollars are the real deal. They can really talk up the wedding and 9 times out of 10 a full time dj. Since djing is their full time gig, they can spend more time preparing for the wedding.


On average the wedding couple spends 700 to 1400 dollars on a dj. Especially now couples are spending more money now than in the past to ensure a good wedding experience.


Take the time to interview djs to get a feel of what kind of wedding you want.  Also take a glimpse of their reviews to get a sense of the quality work of the dj. A common question would be can we see you perform a wedding. That makes it difficult since weddings are usually made for private events.


How to have an Enjoyable Wedding Reception:


To have a successful reception, the bride and groom have to set up a good team for the wedding.  I have heard from different couples that sometimes setting up the perfect wedding is like working a part time job. Wedding parties are interviewing different vendors and talking to their friends about venues and trying to figure out what would be the best for them.  But once a good team is formed then it can take off the stress of a wedding. A wedding is an event that should be joyful and memorable that should be shared with loved ones.


A bride or groom should not be worried about the caterer or the dj making mistakes. Once they hired their team then they should be able to handle the wedding event. The bride should have a wedding planner or a trusted bridesmaid handle any issue.


The wedding day goes by fast. It will be done in a blink of an eye. After taking photos after the ceremony, the bride and groom would head to the grand entrance of the reception then usually jump into their first dance, then  the father daughter dance followed by mom and son dance. The food is now served and it's time to talk to the guests at their tables.


Make sure you make time to eat. You spent a lot of time selecting the food  make sure you enjoy it. Sit down and and eat. It is going to be a long night of socializing and dancing so make sure you are nourished.


In a nutshell, set up your team of professionals to handle your wedding and eat your food. These tips will make your reception magical. 


How to Set Up a PA System Outside


I like to set up multiple microphones during a live P.A. event. I have one microphone on the stand plus one for the dj booth.  I spread out the speakers as far as I could to cover more ground.  I do not put the speaker at full volume. I typically put it at 50 percent and max out at 75 percent.


More often than not there are different people who speak at different volume levels. Every time someone speaks, you may have to adjust the volume based on how loud they talk into the microphone and how close they have it to their mouth.


Also it is a good idea to tape down the cabling and wires. I always do a sound check before I tape anything down in case I have to use different cables or a different microphone.  It is good to have more than one extension cord in case one needs more cord to reach the power.


I use microphones that are always on, but I am able to turn them on or off from the mixer I use. It is good to turn them off when people are talking to each other before the ceremony not knowing it is on, because the audience can be able to hear them talk other business.


Also it is good to be aware of how hot it is. Certain speakers may have issues since it is really hot. It is good to keep speakers in a shaded area and if not some speakers have weather proof covers. It is good to take an extra speaker, since the elements may cause the speaker to overheat or get wet.  Heat can be an enemy, but also rain can be a party pooper. 


Bad DJ Habits

Bad DJ Habits


I read an article titled The Bad Habits That DJs Grow Out of and would like to share my thoughts on the topic.


1)   Overusing FX

How many backspins can a dj do till it becomes too much? FX can be fun here and there but can easily be overused. They can be used for transitions of different music genres and/or different music speeds. But if someone gets FX happy then it just sounds overwhelming.


2)   Playing All the Best Tracks First

This can be tempting. Play all the jams right off the bat but after that what comes next? The energy in the room would be off the charts in the beginning then it would deflate after the hits are gone. One has to build up their set and keep the heaters till the end.


3)   Planning Every Track and Mix

There was one wedding that I had to play every song in a particular order. I am pretty sure the groom did not take notice if I put a song out of order since he was truly enjoying his wedding but I did follow the order. But at other events I do create a playlist and from that list I play music at the event. Everything depends on the crowd and what they are feeling.


4)   Drinking To Excess

There is a time and a place for everything. As a guest, it is fun to partake in the dancing and the activities. As a dj, you have to be responsible. There is a timeline to follow and one has to be alert incase there is a situation such as equipment malfunction or there is a change of events.