The Perfect P.A. System: The Monitors (Speakers) Part 1

The Perfect P.A. System: The speakers Part 1


When you purchase an item and use it then you start to realize it is all over the place. For example you purchase a Ford Flex, then all of a sudden you see them on the freeway or the parking lot. The exact same thing happened when it came to my P.A. system.


When I did the New Orleans Marathon, I noticed all the speakers by the stage were QSC powered speakers. QSC is known for the clarity of sound. The new K 12.2 monitors are the epitome of grade A equipment. The KW153 QSC 3- way speakers often pair up with the 12 inch monitors to perfect the sound. I stumbled upon the QSC discovery when I dropped off my JBL speakers to the shop. When I started doing music, I loved using my Mackie 450s, since they were flashy and sounded great, but I would blow them out. Next I went with the JBL brand, which were workhorses but eventually were blown out also. When I spoke with the speaker technician he said that QSC rarely came through his doors and is a fine speaker. When I looked into it, QSC offers a 6 year warranty on their speakers, so if any thing goes wrong QSC fixes it. Gone were the days of paying 200 dollars for a blown out speaker. The question was should I get subwoofers or a 3 way speaker. A sub would give you more punch in the bass. But say for example if the monitor (speaker) for some reason blows out then the sub would not work well since it would only have bass no mids or highs. The 3 way speaker would work  better with or without a monitor (speaker).