Goals to Reality: March Goal that was Written


I am currently reading a book, Write it Down, Make it Happen by Henriette Klauser. It has a basic concept but it can lead to monumental goals. One story mentions a football coach, Lou Holtz who was fired early in life. He then wrote over 100 goals on paper. Since he wrote them throughout his life, he has accomplished over 80 of his goals. It did not matter if his goals seemed to be impossible.

  He wanted to be the head coach for Norte Dame (one of the most powerful football programs in the country), and he made it happen. Also he wanted to have dinner in the White House, and it was done. Putting goals in writing puts it out in the universe.  It makes the goal setter more aware of the goal and causes the goal setter to see different avenues to reach the goal that they may have missed and not even know it.

   This year I had my ninth marathon on my to do on my March list. A marathon is 26.2 miles of goal right in front of the runner’s face. Unfortunately I had to take January off and only had a month of training. I had to start fresh in January with only running a half mile and build my way up. Each time I ran I would increase the distance. By the time I got to the last week of training, I maxed out with 7 miles.

 I was able to finish my marathon. Quitting was not an option. I was not going for time but just to finish. I was able to go 17 miles before my first break.  My marathon goal in my goal notebook now has been checked off.