customer service

How to Provide Great Customer Service


There is a saying that “Nice guys finish last.” I do not believe in that. I believe we should be nice and considerate in life. I read an article              ( ) 4 Actions to Keep a Customer for Life by Doug Sandler, the nice guy. He talks about 4 skills that are important to maintain good customer relationships.


Exceed Expectations:  Always do what you are supposed to. If you promise to bring 4 speakers and a wireless microphone then bring it. Everything is always stated in a contract and the dj has to follow through.  Once I speak with a client and always assure them I will send them a contract within a day and in a day a contract is in their inbox. My job is to make the client happy.


Be Consistent: I like being at an event about an hour before the event, so I can do sound check and make sure everything looks nice and tidy.  During events, clients do not want to keep on guessing but feel at ease knowing that you are consistent.


Inspire to Wow them:  I probably spend a lot of time on playlists. Typically the client gives me a few songs and I have to work off that to deliver the vibe that they want.  Or the client may give me a lot of songs and I will put as many as I can to keep the crowd moving.


Get Personal: Its good to know the folks that you serve. It helps with the playlist and when you use your MC skills and to see what type of humor would appease them.  It is not just business but what the dj is providing is an experience that guests will talk about.