Cozy Downtown San Jose Venue Mexico Lindo


Black and White DJ services ( went local around the Down Town San Jose area. It is called Mexico Lindo ( Downtown San Jose Venue and they have a back area for private parties ( There are a few Mexico Lindos so make sure it is the one on Race Street. Mexico Lindo provides full service event planning with food and entertainment. When I got there, I had to set up next to their dj set up. At the venue, they host dancing and karaoke.  The venue itself from the looks of it can hold up to 75 guests. They specialize in Mexican food and seafood.


The night was full of old school music. This was not your cookie cutter music event. It was all about the old school such as 80’s and 90s r&b. 

Staff was pretty friendly. Food was good. They served salad, beans and rice and 3 different kinds o f meat. They did have horcata at the serving table. In the banquet room, they had a full bar. 


Venue was able to accommodate dj. This venue would be good for small gatherings. They do have a built in dance floor.  Tables can easily be removed to open up the dance floor. Also it already had its dj light system. There are bathrooms located in the room so it makes it convenient instead of travelling to the restaurant part of the establishment.

San Jose Mexico Lindo DJJPG.JPG

Mavericks Event Center at Half Moon Bay Event (Wedding) Venue

Maverick Event Center in Half Moon Bay (

This is one of the most beautiful ceremonies visually I ever been a part of.  The ceremony area is close to the reception area. The grass is well kept. You can actually hear the cute otters in the ocean. From the looks of it, one can have a wedding with 60 to 80 guests in the grass area. 

It was a wee bit windy so we opted to use the wireless microphone since the lapel would pick up too much of it.  I also included a wired microphone next to the officiant. Two days early I got my hands on QSC CP speakers. They are way lighter than the other qsc speakers I have but makes it convenient for ceremonies since it does not require super loud music. I like having two speakers than one in ceremonies. I know it is not necessary but it just sounds so much better.  The officiant did an excellent job with the ceremony. Alison ( was an awesome storyteller and it seemed like she knew the bride and groom personally from how well she told their story. 



The reception area was well decorated. They had a candy area for guests to stock up on sweets. The staff was nice. We were able to play music at a good volume. It is good to watch the volume because to be considerate of neighbors. 


Overall, Mavericks Event Center is a nice venue to have events at in Half Moon Bay. Keep in mind during the summer months beware of beach goers so allow yourself more time to get to the destination. But the view of the ocean and the ambiance is worth the extra drive. 

Half Moon Bay Aisle.JPG

Dave and Busters as an Event Venue in the South Bay (Milpitas and the Bay Area)

Dave and Busters as an Event Venue in the South Bay 


Dave and Busters ( is known as a fun place to have a good time with big screen tvs and to play video games. In Milpitas, they have a happening Dave and Busters where they can multiple parties at one time. They have multiple venue spaces and it depends on how big the party is. At Dave and Busters, they do have different packages offered with buffets and beverages and appetizer packages. In some packages, they give game cards to the guests. Some common questions answered:


I was able to communicate with the events manager to show me the venue before the event. I like to go to see where to park and unload and actually see where my equipment is going to be set up. She was awesome and was able to get me two tall tables to set up my equipment. I was able to set up 4 speakers and I was able to go as loud as I could without any limitations.  I was up on a stage and I had plenty of space for my equipment and set up my lights. The party started at 7 and the party-goers got the party going right away. The vibe was contagious and the staff was in a fun positive mood. They even helped me put my equipment away. I was in awe due to their awesome customer service. I was very happy playing at Dave and Busters. They venue was a big venue with a great staff that was easily assessable. I would definitely  like to play there again due to how professional the place was. 

Dave and Busters Milpitas Venue Dj.JPG

Gilroy Gardens as a venue

Recently played at Gilroy Gardens located in Gilroy. I was able to contact the manager and she was very helpful and made sure she was available to guide me in the venue.  With the helpful staff, I was able to go through the employee entrance. Load in was very simple.  I asked in advance for a table and they gave me an extension cord. Once I arrive I asked for another extension cord and they were on it. I brought my big boy speakers and asked for a little barrier so dancers do not put their drinks or purses on them. This was done with little heads up and they were on it.

The coolest thing of the night was I left a mini table behind and I called the manager after midnight and she picked up and told me she would call security to locate it and text me if they find it or not. I just love the follow through. The manager even offered to drop off the table at my location San Jose once it was found. WOW. With teamwork, they found my table in the big park and I was able to get it back.  This is how this venue treats vendors and I was very impressed. I was very impressed with their customer service. I was working with 2 banquet managers and both of them went beyond the call of duty. 

Overall it was a pleasant experience. While I was playing my music students were dressed to the nines and it seemed like everyone was posting their experience on social media. The lights and the elegance made it a very special night. The park offered unlimited games and rides for the party goers. Students were able to win prizes that whey were proud of. Students seemed very excited and happy. Gilroy Gardens is an excellent place to have your party! 


How to Dj at a Night Venue that has their own equipment? (Burlingame)

How to Dj at a Night Venue that has their own equipment?


A few years ago, I would be playing every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday downtown San Jose. It was an easy set up. I started off by taking 6 cases of vinyl then eventually went to a cd case. Eventually that evolved to taking blank serato special cds with a laptop with all our music. We knew we had the option of using CD turntables or record turntables. It was very familiar.


Recently got a call to do a happening spot up north in Burlingame. We played there years ago then started doing more of the mobile route. The question is what set up do they have and what would I have to bring?  I could go see the equipment before the event but that would require me to drive 40 minutes. I asked for a photo of the mixer and asked what turntables were being used.


The mixer of a top of a line Pioneer Mixer with two technic turntables. It is importatant to know the mixer so the dj can download the driver for the computer. Most often than not it is Serato Friendly. I was able to get the driver and install it on my computer. If one does not do that when the usb is attached to the computer it then it would not read it.


I also brought my controller as a back up in case for some reason the mixer cannot be read by my computer. All I would have to do was to plug in the master speaker cables to my controller.   I had to remember to bring my vinyl needles with Serato Vinyl. Everything worked perfectly.


I was able to talk to some staff to get a feel for the kind of music the folks like at the venue.  I already had my playlist, but it helps get that information.  I knew my age demographic was 21 to 35. That means get all the new hip-hop songs they play on the radio and get in some throwbacks.


The biggest decision of the night was what song to play after midnight. I love the old school and I wanted to throw in Too Short Blow the Whistle after midnight. But I had to succumb to playing G- Eazy’s Limitless. I had the track that was made for NYE and it had the countdown included as the intro. You just had to throw it in exactly one minute before midnight.


It is always good to be prepared. Make sure the computer has the driver for the mixer and make sure Serato Vinyl or Serato CDs are brought with needles. Once you become familiar with the set up then the back up will be easier.  It is always better to be over prepared then underprepared. 


Black and White Affair Dj Services: 2017 Prom at Club Auto Sport in San Jose (School Dance in the Bay Area)

At the beautiful Club Autosport in San Jose, Black and White Affair Dj Services hooked up their system with the house system, Easily, you can  have sound run through out the whole establishment with only 2 15 inch speakers. It was nice to have all that power already built in the venue. At the venue, patrons have the option to have a stage or not. There is a huge big screen located on the premise to show slideshows or videos.

Prom goers were dancing to their favorite tunes while being next to classic cars that they took selfies with.