Santa Clara

Creative and Talented Wedding in Santa Clara October 20th

 Typically at a wedding, I am the only source of music. There are some instances when that is not the case. On October 20th, I did a wedding with talented guests and it was one to remember. I brought my typical equipment plus an extra mixer with cabling. The young musicians delighted the crowd with their vocals and their keyboard and guitar skills. It did not take them long to set up since it was running through my system. For this set up, I included a Mackie 1402 analogue mixer. It had 14 channels  (and it was not complicated to work) so I can easily add 2 more microphones, 2 guitars and 1 keyboard. Also I had my own wireless microphone connected and with my controller was connected to the mixer. From the mixer out, the videographer was able to record everything that took place at the wedding with a recording device. 

   The best man told me he was nervous and wanted to do the second toast after the maid of honor. With that information, I introduced the toast and gave the microphone to the maid of honor. Later I was told that the best man would be doing the toast while a guitar was strummed and I relayed the information to him and he had a shocked look on his face. The best man started serenading the bride and groom and it surprised everyone. In reality, the best man was not nervous but it was an act. He had a good voice and sang a good song. Weddings can be creative especially when you have talented people.