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Do Not Wait to Book Your Dj especially in the San Jose, Morgan Hill and Gilroy Area

August is a busy month in the dj world. Pretty much all my Saturdays in that month I have an event scheduled. I had someone ask about the first weekend in August for a Gilroy Wedding but I already have an event booked. I made it my duty to make sure they found their vendor. I sent them suggestions of people I know who know their craft. A day later I get a phone call for a wedding in Berkeley on the same day. Maybe love is in the air? So I did make an extensive list of other quality djs they should inquire after I reached out to them to see if they were available. The question is why do I put the effort in it after I know that I will not do the event? I know how frustrating it is to find quality folks to do parties and I want to show the guests what good djs can do. Of course I would love to do the event, but I can not do two events at the same time. I do make it my duty to follow up with the guests after I send them my selections to make sure they have a good dj for their event. 

So the lesson is always book your djs right away especially in the San Jose, Morgan Hill and Gilroy area. The summer months are full of birthday parties and private events and other weddings so it’s best to preplan to get the highly sought out djs. True there are many djs out there but it is best to get one with a good history of good performances and service.

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The Grand Entrance at a Wedding by BWADJ (San Jose, Morgan Hill and Gilroy)

The Wedding is all about the bride and groom. Typically the couple is taking pictures while the guests are enjoying the cocktail hour. First the bridal party is introduced to the guests. Before the wedding, BWADJ makes sure that everyone is in the correct order and makes sure they pronounce everyone’s name correctly. While prepping the bridal party, Bwadj goes over the names of the bridal party to their liking. There have been times where the bridal party were partying and sometimes have a short attention span. During weddings, something always pops up such like the flower girl is too shy to be in the party or someone else from the bridal party is not present so a new order will have to be written. 


With the bridal party coming into the venue, a festive song is pumped through the speakers. Some couples opt to get both first name and last name of the bridal party announced while others just opt to just have their first names announced. In some cases, the dj may announce, “ Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome the bridal party. Let’s put our hands together for them!”


Once all the bridal party is at their table, then the music is turned off. Bwadj gets everyone to stand up for the grand entrance. The new Mr. and Mrs. Smith is announced with their own theme song blaring in the background. A dj can say, Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment you all have been waiting for. Put your hands together for the new Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  Everyone is standing and clapping and this is one of the most memorable events of a wedding being introduced as the new Mr. and Mrs. 


Cozy Downtown San Jose Venue Mexico Lindo


Black and White DJ services ( went local around the Down Town San Jose area. It is called Mexico Lindo ( Downtown San Jose Venue and they have a back area for private parties ( There are a few Mexico Lindos so make sure it is the one on Race Street. Mexico Lindo provides full service event planning with food and entertainment. When I got there, I had to set up next to their dj set up. At the venue, they host dancing and karaoke.  The venue itself from the looks of it can hold up to 75 guests. They specialize in Mexican food and seafood.


The night was full of old school music. This was not your cookie cutter music event. It was all about the old school such as 80’s and 90s r&b. 

Staff was pretty friendly. Food was good. They served salad, beans and rice and 3 different kinds o f meat. They did have horcata at the serving table. In the banquet room, they had a full bar. 


Venue was able to accommodate dj. This venue would be good for small gatherings. They do have a built in dance floor.  Tables can easily be removed to open up the dance floor. Also it already had its dj light system. There are bathrooms located in the room so it makes it convenient instead of travelling to the restaurant part of the establishment.

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How to find a Spanish Dj in the San Jose Area? What are the Spanish Music Favorites?

It is easier to find a Dj that plays English music. If you do find a good Spanish dj make sure you do not lose their number since they are harder to find. Some djs do play Spanish but it is not their strong point. They cannot tell the difference between a banda song or a cumbia. They have the know what type of Spanish music you need for the dinner portion of the night. 

With the newer Spanish music, the one that gets people moving is raggaeton.  Artists like Bad Bunny and J Balvin are filling up the airwaves. 


A good Spanish DJ can put a little of different kinds of Spanish music. They can have a classic merengue song by Elvis Crespo, Suavemente. Then they can eventually throw in a Salsa song by the Salsa Queen Celia Cruz such as La Vida Es Un Carnaval. One of my favorite cumbia artists is La Sonora Dinamita.


It also makes a difference where the guests come from. If the Spanish folks were from Miami then they would want more Salsa. If a lot of the people were from Texas then they would like the artist Selena. It makes a huge difference if the dj knows where the guests come from so they can prepare. 

A favorite for all parties would be the line dance Payaso De Rodeo and No Rompas Mas Mi Pobre Corazon which is a Spanish Version of Billy Ray Cyrus Achy Breaky Heart. 


A lot of the people who appreciate the classic Spanish Music would love Vincente Fernandez, Jenni Rivera, Juan Gabriel and Mark Anthony.

If you are looking for a Latin/ Spanish dj then go to or

call 408-768-4904 for your fiesta!

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Ways to Find your Wedding Vendors

Ways to Find your Wedding Vendors

One way to find vendors is to ask someone who recently got married and ask for their input. The newly married person can give their recommendations and who to stay away from. 


Also once you secured your wedding vendor then you can ask them if there are people they worked with that would be a benefit to the wedding.  People in the industry know other folks in the industry and have seen and heard of their work. 

Also the venue may have their own preferred vendors to help you get ideas of who to select. Usually the preferred vendor has been there a few times and knows how the venue does their business. 


Another way would be to go under yelp and see who has good reviews. It is quite humorous how people trust stranger’s recommendations. Yelp uses an algorithm rank the top performers. I would trust someone with more reviews than someone less that 15. 


A way to find vendors would be to search under Google. Google will rank based on how often the vendor is searched. If the business is registered as a business then they will have Google reviews. 


Another way would to go to a bridal show. To actually set up a display at a bridal show as a vendor is very pricey. Vendors who invest in a booth are serious about their business to invest so much. Beware of the folks who hide behind the table. The best vendors are in front of the table and make them easy to approach. Be aware of those vendors that seem too pushy. Ideally, you would want to select someone you chose as opposed to someone who bullies you to buy his or her service.


Wedding DJ Myths

It is just music and anybody can push play.


In essence, a monkey can push play, but are you going to trust a monkey with one of biggest days of your life? A professional dj prepares the playlist based on what the couple wanted. A true professional knows the keep the cocktail and dinner music at a lower volume, so the guests can socialize and not have to yell over the music. The party music is at a louder volume to get the party really started. With the excitement of the wedding, time zooms by and a true professional keeps the wedding within the timeline. 


They play the same music for every wedding.


You must be tired of the YMCA or the Chicken Dance or Celebration. To make sure the songs are not played at your wedding then make a DO NOT PLAYLIST.  Bride and groom work with the DJ to make a customized playlist. Cocktail hour can be classic Jazz sounds or can be 90’s R & B. Dinner music can be classical music or 80’s soft rock. Every wedding is different so the playlist will be different.


All DJs are the same.


This is not true by any means. Some Djs have the gift of gab on the microphone while others stand behind their music collection. Some djs do not know how to mix and fade songs out and put new songs in. Some djs can mix songs like you hear on the radio with a smooth transition. Equipment is not the same also and some djs would like a lot of bass and volume while others focus on the clarity of the music. Like other wedding vendors, there are so many choices out there.


The Debate of Hiring a DJ for your Wedding: It is an easy Decision

Weddings are amongst the few life time memorable events. And to make it truly memorable and fascinating, it is important to plan for an appropriate entertainment. Underestimating the power and effect music on a wedding ceremony and reception is not ideal because music is essential in order to create an appropriate backdrop and the desired tone for your event. Thus, hiring a professional DJ offers you a diverse selection, authentic versions of songs, better volume control and for usually a much lower cost than a band.


Furthermore, the presence of a DJ will tremendously enhance the success of your wedding. The DJ runs the music for the reception, and if the music or announcements were to stop, the reception would come to an awkward halt. The DJ also guides the mood of the event and works with the schedules of all other vendors and staff at the event. However, discussed below are the best reasons why you need to hire a professional DJ for your wedding ceremony:




Event DJs are brilliant at adapting to both the needs of their event coordinators as well as those of the guests in attendance. They are skilled at reading their audiences and easing them out onto the dance floor. Their vast music collections make it possible for them to fulfill most song requests. Also, their fun personalities, language skills and confidence at handling microphone make them terrific emcees for guest introductions, video presentations, contests, etc.




A DJ will always provide their own sound equipment, even lighting and video in some cases, and you can count on the fact that they will have all of the current hits available upon your request. They will provide you with a written quote, ensure all of your song requests are played and avoid any songs that might offend your guests.




Great DJs are often equipped with sanity, humor and the ability to emcee guest introductions, provide live narration for video or slide presentations, ease the crowd and coax reluctant guests out onto the dance floor, and even offer toasts. To further enhance the visual experience, many can also provide their own LED lighting equipment and  shiny disco balls.




Furthermore, the greatest reason for hiring a DJ for your wedding ceremony is the peace of mind you'll get at seeing that your guests are constantly entertained. Unlike a band in need of breaks, a DJ can spin the all through the day without interruption.





A designated time keeper ensures that the wedding ceremony goes as smoothly as planned. He does not fasten or delay other events planned in the schedule.


Lastly, your wedding event would only be successful if you and your guests are able to have fun and remain present and in the moment. Hiring a professional DJ will guarantee you just that!

Hiring a dj for a school dance

Hiring a dj for a school dance


Each district has their own way to hire a dj. Often times it is easier to be an employee of the district to avoid the red tape. A prospective dj often times will have to be fingerprinted, and fill out paperwork and may need insurance. Especially for middle schools there seems to be more red tape than high schools. More often than not, high schools require a contract and an invoice so the dj can be paid.


Hiring a younger 20 year old dj versus an over 30 dj:


Positives: closer to the age of the dancegoers so very familiar with the music.

Negative: Not as much experience. May bring entourage and those helpers were not fingerprinted.


Over 30 dj: More experience doing big events. Bigger music library. No entourages.  Usually higher end equipment since been working longer. There was a time I was able to do a school dance since their dj did not have working equipment. I was surprised since it is important to have back ups to your back ups.


Negative: Not as familiar with music.



Once a dj is selected for a school that is when it is time to be prepared. Typically schools are into what is playing on the radio. Some schools are hip-hop based or some are pop/ house based. I have seen times where it felt like a (edm)rave then a year or two later it was back to hip-hop. What makes a dance a good one is the playlist. 


Playlist: This is when teamwork is needed. Dj has to contact the activities director (the one who hired you) to get a playlist. Its best to get it from multiple students and make it one list. Best to ask for it a week before so it gives the music man time to set up for it.  I have seen lists derived from one student and everyone would not be happy since they had no part in developing the list and the student has a particular tastes. Especially if the student does not really know what is hip. A good Dj knows his event. If the school population has a high Latin population it would be ideal to put some good Spanish music in the playlist.


Even though a song can be clean (without profanity) the content can be a little provocative. Its good to be familiar with the song before it’s played at the dance.


During the dance itself, it could be distracting to take requests when the dj is trying to beat match. It would be ideal to have a clipboard where students can put artists and the name of the song on an excel sheet or word document. When a song is playing the dj can mark the clipboard if the song is coming and check off the ones s/he already played it.  With a clipboard, it will avoid too many students going behind the dj area. If cabling and plugs, its ideal to have as few people in the dj area.

If a song is requested many times, then dj knows it will be a crowd pleaser. The question is can a song be played twice. When I djed at clubs that was one of my commandments. Thou shall not play a song twice.  But at school dances, then one can get away with it if you play it early then later in the dance. If it’s a real heater then maybe throw it in 3 times. But those songs are rare.