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How to Hire the Best Quinceanera Dj in the Bay Area (San Jose, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, San Francisco and Fremont)

One of the most important aspects of a Quince is finding the right dj to provide the soundtrack for your big event.  There are many items to make the party a success but the music sets the vibe for the whole event. In the Bay Area there are so many djs to choose from and we make it easy to help you decide.


Key Factors to Look For:

Dj will have social proof that they are good at what they do. Clients can look up google reviews and yelp reviews to get the gist of what kind of work the dj does. Ideally you want to select someone who has 5 stars. You would also want to see if the dj has experience with Spanish music if you are going to have Spanish music played at your party.

Dj will promptly respond to their clients via phone or email. Fast responses show professionalism.

Dj will be a professional and not a friend who has a laptop with rented speakers. A Quinceanera party is so similar to a wedding that it needs a time keeper to keep everything on track. Also you want someone how has experience with doing multiple events.

Dj will understand the playlist given and generate more songs that go with it

Dj will have Microphones, speakers, and lights.


Black and White Affair Dj Services ( has been in the business since 2004. We keep up with the latest music by doing numerous school events per year.  We make your event as smooth as possible with all our event experience. Let us provide the soundtrack for your big event.

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Running a Race? Why Not Spin at One. (San Francisco)

During the New Orleans marathon, I thought the dj had the coolest job on the course right next to the volunteers who hand out the finish medals.  The closest race I saw was in San Francisco. I filled out the form online and figured why not. A short period time later I got a voicemail inquiring about my services. They wanted to know my specifications of my dj set up to make sure I was legit. Once I was verified then I was given a contract and mailed the instructions of the event.


The day before I scoped the scene to see where I was playing at to check logistics. I was checking if I needed to park far away and run to my event if needed

I had to get up really early just like a marathon. I set my alarm at 4 since I had to get ready and load equipment and head to San Francisco. Waiting for me was my stage manager who made sure I was fed and hydrated during the event and to fix any issue if any arose.  The police officers were very helpful and one suggested I park behind the set up, which made life so much easier.  The race provided me a powerful generator that fed my four speakers. I was able to walk down the street and hear the clarity of the music.


I got to play a lot of top 40 and jock jam type of music. I know music plays a big part for motivation. When I ran my marathons and felt a little defeated I would hear a good song that would push me toward the finish line. Overall it was a good experience and would do again.