How do you plan a wedding reception? Black and White Affair Style (San Jose, Gilroy and Hollister)

The wedding day is one of your biggest days that you will always remember. Everyone who is important to you and your significant other will be in attendance. Is there a set formula for the perfect reception?

No two wedding receptions are the same. A wedding planner can be a timekeeper but at times, a wedding planner was not hired for the wedding.  The dj can be the pseudo wedding planner but well more like timekeeper.

A respectable dj company would meet with the couple way in advance of the wedding to make the timeline. Most of the time, the couples do not know what events that a wedding has and what is mandatory. The truth is that this is your wedding and there is no set format. It is all about the couple and about their dream-wedding day.

I suggest a timeline and the bride and groom can adjust it to their liking.

Typically the bride and groom will be taking pictures for about 45 minutes to an hour while the guest eagerly show up to the reception hall.

During that hour, guests get comfortable with nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages during the cocktail hour.

When the wedding party has arrived the dj can announce the wedding party individually or by the group with either specific songs in the background.

Dj will announcement the New Mr. and Mrs. (enter your last name here). They can enter with the wedding march or any other song to their choosing.

All eyes are on the Bride and Groom so they can jump into their first dance.  What would be a good first dance song? Maybe it was the song that was popular with bridge and groom were first dating or could be a song that one of the two who dreamt about being the first song. Say bride and groom love two songs that they cannot agree on. Dj can premix  or edit the songs so both songs can be played and will not be long.

After the first dance, couples usually do the father daughter dance then the mom and son dance.  Keep in mind that couples do not need to do the parent dance but it makes for a smooth transition.

At this time, the crowd is hungry and dinner will be served or the buffet will be open. At this time dj can play background music. Music should not be too loud so the guests can have conversation as they enjoy their well-deserved food. At this time Bride and Groom can go to table to table to thank guests and take photos. Please make sure you eat the food that you carefully picked out. You will need your energy for the dance floor!

The order of what comes next is up to the couple:

We have toasts from bride, groom, best man and maid of honor plus maybe parents want to get in the mix too!

Money Dance: Gives an opportunity for bride and groom to thank guests plus make some honeymoon spending money!

Garter and Bouquet toss

Cake Cutting: Often times that is when the Photographer leaves so the dj has to make sure s/he keeps the photographer in the loop.

Dance for all: the moment everyone has been waiting for!

Every culture has different customs that they can include in their wedding. Keep in mind that each wedding is custom event that could be magical for everyone.