The Debate of Hiring a DJ for your Wedding: It is an easy Decision

Weddings are amongst the few life time memorable events. And to make it truly memorable and fascinating, it is important to plan for an appropriate entertainment. Underestimating the power and effect music on a wedding ceremony and reception is not ideal because music is essential in order to create an appropriate backdrop and the desired tone for your event. Thus, hiring a professional DJ offers you a diverse selection, authentic versions of songs, better volume control and for usually a much lower cost than a band.


Furthermore, the presence of a DJ will tremendously enhance the success of your wedding. The DJ runs the music for the reception, and if the music or announcements were to stop, the reception would come to an awkward halt. The DJ also guides the mood of the event and works with the schedules of all other vendors and staff at the event. However, discussed below are the best reasons why you need to hire a professional DJ for your wedding ceremony:




Event DJs are brilliant at adapting to both the needs of their event coordinators as well as those of the guests in attendance. They are skilled at reading their audiences and easing them out onto the dance floor. Their vast music collections make it possible for them to fulfill most song requests. Also, their fun personalities, language skills and confidence at handling microphone make them terrific emcees for guest introductions, video presentations, contests, etc.




A DJ will always provide their own sound equipment, even lighting and video in some cases, and you can count on the fact that they will have all of the current hits available upon your request. They will provide you with a written quote, ensure all of your song requests are played and avoid any songs that might offend your guests.




Great DJs are often equipped with sanity, humor and the ability to emcee guest introductions, provide live narration for video or slide presentations, ease the crowd and coax reluctant guests out onto the dance floor, and even offer toasts. To further enhance the visual experience, many can also provide their own LED lighting equipment and  shiny disco balls.




Furthermore, the greatest reason for hiring a DJ for your wedding ceremony is the peace of mind you'll get at seeing that your guests are constantly entertained. Unlike a band in need of breaks, a DJ can spin the all through the day without interruption.





A designated time keeper ensures that the wedding ceremony goes as smoothly as planned. He does not fasten or delay other events planned in the schedule.


Lastly, your wedding event would only be successful if you and your guests are able to have fun and remain present and in the moment. Hiring a professional DJ will guarantee you just that!