DJ Advice

Best and Worst Advice I heard about Being a DJ

Best Advice I have heard about being a DJ?


Always work on your craft. I do believe practice makes perfect.  My parents must truly love me when I first got my turntables and speaker. I would put in the work. Never once they came in and told me to turn it down. I was a man on a mission. Back at that time, there was no sync button so one had to mix by ear.


Keep up with the newest technology

Every January is the NAMM show where the newest latest gear is exhibited. The best time to pick up gear is after that show since new gear is coming out. I do want to pick up these tall speakers for big venues but I do not know what new gear is out yet so I am waiting to see what is really out there.  At the show they will exhibit new software along with new clear sounding equipment.


Customer Service is the most important aspect of a business

There is a lot of competition out there and customer service is a lost art. Customers need to be treated well. People do not hire service companies for the service but rather hire for the experience.  Two ways of communication needs to be had.


Always have your backups

I always try to be two steps ahead. I always take multiple computers with me to events. 2012 was the last time I had a beach ball on my mac  on my external hard drive and it took like a minute for the song to come on. The very next day I got a new mac with a bigger internal drive and have not had any issues since.  Not only computers, I take I do take multiple set ups too since I always like being prepared. I am grateful for controllers since it is turntables and mixers all in one.


Worst Advice I have heard as a DJ

The louder the better! I totally disagree. Every venue or big room has its limits. When people walk by, it just looks bad when everyone is covering their ears since it’s so loud. During weddings, guests want to talk while having dinner so music is just background music.


Promote Promote and Promote

 I do believe in self-promotion but there is a time and place for everything. I heard of a wedding where the dj would play a sound snippet of his dj name through out the night. The wedding clients are already paying the dj a lot of money. Sometimes djs will have their banner up during a wedding. Weddings are all about the couple. If a dj is truly a good dj, people will ask for their card personally or ask the couple for the dj’s contact information.