Customer Services

Customer Service that Commands Attention

Customer Service that Commands Attention


I do not know why but when I go to a restaurant I pay attention to the customer service more than I pay attention to the good food I am eating. If the food is scrumptious then it’s a bonus. Rarely there is a time, where I am blown away.  That happened last weekend in New Orleans.  Commanders Palace, located next to a historical cemetery in a residential area, was a marvelous experience. As I entered the restaurant the host and 4 waiters greeted me as we were guided to our seat. Every table had balloons floating overhead. During the meal, a three-piece band played blues and took requests. At one table, there was a birthday and the band hung out longer than usual, and then there was an instant conga line. Of course being an entertainer I had to jump in the line with the strangers.

  Back to the customer service, I asked a waitress for location of the restroom and she actually walked me to it. In the middle of the meal, the water was exchanged for new water since the restaurant wanted to make sure I had new ice.  We were deeply surprised about that being that we are from California. Apparently Louisiana is not in a drought. We had numerous waiters come by the table and talk with us. They were so knowledgeable with their food and gave suggestions to other locations that were their favorites.

  I give this place a standing ovation with customer service. The food was excellent but the customer service makes a huge difference and believe is so important in any industry.