Wireless Microphone versus Lapel Microphone versus Wired Microphone for the ceremony

A wireless microphone relies on a receiver and looks nice. They can be place on a microphone stand next to the officicant and one can be placed close to the couple so you can hear their vowels. A concern for wireless microphones is it may drop the signal. Wireless microphones can work well but there is always a slight chance of the signal dropping or the battery running out of juice. It can be tested before the ceremony and work well but with wireless technology it can drop at any moment. 


A lapel microphone is placed near the collar. One does not need to hold it with the hands so the hands can be holding a book or other objects. The speaker can talk normally and the sound is sent to the speaker. Since the lapel is wireless there is a slight chance that that the signal may drop. Also if the lapel is turned on early, guest may hear the groom say something before the wedding starts that can be embarrassing. With the wind, it can be heard on the speaker since the lapel is sensitive and there is a slight chance of feedback. 


A corded microphone may not look as fancy as a wireless microphone or a lapel but one does not have to worry about it dropping any signal. It can be put on a microphone stand so it does not need to be held. 


It does not matter what microphone you chose there is always a chance of feedback. It happens when the speaker moves in front of the speaker or standing in certain areas. It is the dj’s job is lower the volume of the microphone and gradually increase the volume.


Outside Wedding Ceremony versus Inside Wedding Ceremony

For most people it is an easy decision depending on the state or time of year it is. But there are factors to consider when making a decision. 


Benefits of an inside ceremony:

There will be no worry about the rain or snow or temperature. There can be more options about decorating inside. And the inside ceremony can be done anytime during the year.


Negatives of an inside ceremony:

It maybe too small if couple has a lot of guests. 


Benefits of the outside ceremony:

There usually more room since there are not four walls holding everyone in. The photo shoot has more natural lighting for better pictures. There is less to decorate so it would not take as long to decorate. 


Negatives of the outside ceremony:

Bugs and the outside elements during the ceremony will not be fun. Some outside venues are blank slates so couple may need to rent furniture for the ceremony. Power maybe an issue since it is outside.


Before the decision is made, it is good to check if the venue has a back up plan in case being outside is not favorable. Also its good to check on the power source is close by and functional for the outside event so the speaker(s) will work for the ceremony. 


Good communication is key with your venue connection in case there is a sudden change and the outside ceremony has to go inside. Hopefully they can contact the couple a few hours before in case of the sudden change. Djs can set up a ceremony event in 20to 40 minutes so they have to be in the loop in case of a change.


Early Sunday Wedding (Different wedding ideas)

Not every wedding in the same. There is not cookie cutter way to have a wedding. Bride and groom decide what type of wedding they want to share with their guests. 

  I met with a couple that wanted an early Sunday wedding. They let me know they did not want any lights since it was so early.  But I brought one just in case.  It was a cloudy day so it did create a dark room even though they had a lot of windows. 

  They had one of their bridesmaids officiate the wedding. It makes it a nice touch with someone knows the bride/groom officiates the wedding and talks about him or her.

The cocktail hour was held outside separate from the reception. During the cocktail and dinnertime, jazzy music was played so it gave the wedding a classy feel.


The grand entrance was only the bride and groom then it lead to the first dance. Soon after then it was the father daughter dance. After those dances, the bride and groom thanked their guests. 

What made this wedding so different was it was not dark outside and it was minus the bouquet toss and garter toss.  A wedding can be any which way. It is a celebration of passage of life and certain traditions do not need to be included. Wedding was a blast.  

The pluses of having an early Sunday Wedding is that guests do not need to leave the event early since it finished at 330. It would give guests an opportunity to get home at a reseaonable time in case they have to go to work the next day.


Wedding Entrance Songs to get the Party Started (Grand Entrance)

Happy by Pharrel Williams

Crazy in Love by Beyonce

One More Time by Daft Punk

Let Me Clear My Throat DJ Kool

This is How We Do It Montell Jordan

Hip Hop Hooray by Naughty by Nature

I Got A Feeling by Black Eyed Peas

Turn Down for What  by Lil Jon

We Found Love by Rihanna and Calvin Harris

Hey Ya by OutKast

Celebration  by Kool and the Gang

All I Do is Win  by Dj Khalid

Uptown Funk  by Bruno Mars

Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Verve

You Can’t Hurry Love by the Supremes

Don’t Stop Believing by Journey


Creative and Talented Wedding in Santa Clara October 20th

 Typically at a wedding, I am the only source of music. There are some instances when that is not the case. On October 20th, I did a wedding with talented guests and it was one to remember. I brought my typical equipment plus an extra mixer with cabling. The young musicians delighted the crowd with their vocals and their keyboard and guitar skills. It did not take them long to set up since it was running through my system. For this set up, I included a Mackie 1402 analogue mixer. It had 14 channels  (and it was not complicated to work) so I can easily add 2 more microphones, 2 guitars and 1 keyboard. Also I had my own wireless microphone connected and with my controller was connected to the mixer. From the mixer out, the videographer was able to record everything that took place at the wedding with a recording device. 

   The best man told me he was nervous and wanted to do the second toast after the maid of honor. With that information, I introduced the toast and gave the microphone to the maid of honor. Later I was told that the best man would be doing the toast while a guitar was strummed and I relayed the information to him and he had a shocked look on his face. The best man started serenading the bride and groom and it surprised everyone. In reality, the best man was not nervous but it was an act. He had a good voice and sang a good song. Weddings can be creative especially when you have talented people. 


My Favorite First Dance Songs for Weddings

1 Des’ree  I’m Kissing You

2 Sade  By Your Side

3 Luther Vandross Here and Now

4 Christina Perri A Thousand Years

5 Eric Clapton Wonderful Tonight

6 John Legend All of Me

7 The Righteous Brothers  Unchained Melody

8 Ingrid Michaelson Can’t Help Falling in Love

9 Stevie Wonder  You are the Sunshine of My Life

10 Etta James  At Last

11 Journey  Faithfully

12 Stevie Wonder  I Just Called to Say I Love You

13 Lonestar  Amazed

14 Dooley Wilson It Had to Be You 

15 Nat King Cole Unforgettable

16 Louis Armstrong What  A Wonderful World

17  Jason Mraz I’m Yours

18 The Goo Goo Dolls Iris

19  Joe Crocker  You are So Beautiful

20 Savage Garden Truly Madly Deeply

21 Aerosmith  I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

22  Israel Kamakawiwo’ole  Over the Rainbow

23 K-Ci and JoJo  All My Life

24  Mazzy Star  Fade Into You


Let Djs Be Djs and Stop Telling Them What to Play (Unless it is a Jam!)

They use an analogy that someone would not go into a restaurant and tell a chef how to make food. I believe djing a party is a wee bit different.  As djs we play for the people. The best requests are the ones that go with the genre that the dj is playing. For example, if the dj is playing Bell Biv Devoe and a guest suggests throwing in En Vogue.  That is applauded. Usually I put in on my prepare list and throw in as soon as I can. If it isn’t the right genre I can still put it on my prepare list and can throw it on when its appropriate.  If they ask for a song I already play, then I ask them if there is another song I can play for them or I give them suggestions they can choose from.

   When I play at an event, I use the playlist given by the client and I will include music suggested by the guests. I will happily play the suggestion. If every guest came with a suggestion, I would add it to my list. It can be a little much when the same guest keeps on asking for more and more songs and the event becomes more about that guest than the rest of the guests of the party. As a dj, I never ask another dj to play my song since I know its difficult to dj a party and maintain the dancing vibe.  Sometimes djs get in a zone and playing hit after hit and the floor is jamming.  Be aware the wrong request can kill the party and the concentration of the dj.


Ways to Find your Wedding Vendors

Ways to Find your Wedding Vendors

One way to find vendors is to ask someone who recently got married and ask for their input. The newly married person can give their recommendations and who to stay away from. 


Also once you secured your wedding vendor then you can ask them if there are people they worked with that would be a benefit to the wedding.  People in the industry know other folks in the industry and have seen and heard of their work. 

Also the venue may have their own preferred vendors to help you get ideas of who to select. Usually the preferred vendor has been there a few times and knows how the venue does their business. 


Another way would be to go under yelp and see who has good reviews. It is quite humorous how people trust stranger’s recommendations. Yelp uses an algorithm rank the top performers. I would trust someone with more reviews than someone less that 15. 


A way to find vendors would be to search under Google. Google will rank based on how often the vendor is searched. If the business is registered as a business then they will have Google reviews. 


Another way would to go to a bridal show. To actually set up a display at a bridal show as a vendor is very pricey. Vendors who invest in a booth are serious about their business to invest so much. Beware of the folks who hide behind the table. The best vendors are in front of the table and make them easy to approach. Be aware of those vendors that seem too pushy. Ideally, you would want to select someone you chose as opposed to someone who bullies you to buy his or her service.