The Power of the Thank You

When I am not compiling new playlists or looking up the latest music gear I am working at a public high school.  During the summer, I have the option of working or taking the summer off but I always opt to do summer school. I have the opportunity to run my own summer school program.


  On Sundays, a church rents out the school facilities and the church conducts their own services there.  One patron parked her car there and left with a friend to grab a bite to eat but once she came back the gates were locked and her car was stuck inside the school. The lady called me early Monday to make sure some one could open the gate and after talking to the custodian I assured her that her car could leave campus.


  Once she arrived on campus she called me again and I notified the custodian to open the gate for her. I then left to take care of school business. After I returned to the office, I noticed a missed phone call from the lady and I assumed it was her telling me the gates were closed and she is waiting for assistance. Quickly I called her back ready to apologize for the wait but before I did that I can tell she was driving on the phone. All she wanted to do was to call me to thank me for helping her get her car off campus. I was astounded since it is a rarity that someone goes out of their way to thank someone after they got what they wanted. I told her I appreciated her phone call and I shared it with the custodian. A little gratitude goes a long way.