One Regret of a Wedding: Not Hiring a Videographer



Photos are nice to have and put in a wedding album and even decorate the house.  A photographer can take many shots and they secure the memories of the important event of the couple’s life.  The ceremony itself can be filmed and also the reception.  Budget maybe an issue but there are different services rendered for filming a wedding and there can be some sort of video made of the wedding.


The wedding is one of the most monumental events in a person’s life. If worst comes to worst vows can be recorded on a mobile phone but ideally it would be great if it is done professionally.


There is some magic of the first dance and mother/son dance or father/ daughter dance.


Video can capture the beauty of older relatives sharing a joke at a table or baby cousins giving each other a hug. Video can capture the moments a picture may miss.

Toasts can live forever in video.


The couple can relive their magical day through video so the can reminisce the wedding during anniversaries.


It may take many months to plan a wedding but the wedding itself goes quickly and it best captured on video. The couple will not catch everything that happens but can see what the camera sees when the day is long over.


Photography should be done by a professional no and ifs or buts. Video should be included in the wedding. If the budget allows, but if the budget does not allow then a guest with a video camera would be option B. Given an option of no video or a video done by a non professional the non-professional wins hands down.