The Perfect P.A.  System: The Microphone and Cables Part 3


The industry standard is the Shure SM58. Everywhere any live events happen this microphone will be there. They range from 90 to 110 dollars new. They are built be rugged and used for outside or inside use. Some SM58 microphones do have an off on switch and one is always live so the volume can be adjusted with the mixer if the microphone needs to be off. 

Wireless Microphones are handy to have around too if one does not want to have the cable extend onto the floor. Shure does make a good wireless microphone. It is really easy to use. The user has to sync the microphone with the receiver and its good to go. Shure makes hand held microphones and lavalier which can be connected to the body incase the person does not want to hold to a microphone. Be ready to have new batteries handy incase they run out. Typically I have batteries handy and a wired microphone connected to the mixer just in case.


When it comes to cabling, the xlr microphone cables are the way to go. They came in different lengths and for some reason if the cabling is not long enough then they can be connected together so it can reach where it is supposed to go. I invested in short 3-foot cables, 6-foot cables, and 25-foot cables. The beauty of these cables is that they can be used for microphones and speaker cables. Xlr cables can be used to connect multiple speakers.