Running a Race? Why Not Spin at One. (San Francisco)

During the New Orleans marathon, I thought the dj had the coolest job on the course right next to the volunteers who hand out the finish medals.  The closest race I saw was in San Francisco. I filled out the form online and figured why not. A short period time later I got a voicemail inquiring about my services. They wanted to know my specifications of my dj set up to make sure I was legit. Once I was verified then I was given a contract and mailed the instructions of the event.


The day before I scoped the scene to see where I was playing at to check logistics. I was checking if I needed to park far away and run to my event if needed

I had to get up really early just like a marathon. I set my alarm at 4 since I had to get ready and load equipment and head to San Francisco. Waiting for me was my stage manager who made sure I was fed and hydrated during the event and to fix any issue if any arose.  The police officers were very helpful and one suggested I park behind the set up, which made life so much easier.  The race provided me a powerful generator that fed my four speakers. I was able to walk down the street and hear the clarity of the music.


I got to play a lot of top 40 and jock jam type of music. I know music plays a big part for motivation. When I ran my marathons and felt a little defeated I would hear a good song that would push me toward the finish line. Overall it was a good experience and would do again.