Are Coaches good for Business?

Are Coaches good for Business?

While growing up, I had a little league coach who showed me how to play baseball. I would have different coaches thus I would get different advice on how to be a better player. Then I stopped playing sports with a team and I no longer have a coach. As a grown up, you feel that you are a stable adult and know how to world works. But in business one can still have a coach to learn and get to the next level. Business coaches have been where you want to go and have insight.


I found out about SCORE.ORG, which is a free service for businesses. I signed up and within a few hours I got a phone call and I set up an appointment with two business coaches. I had a choice of three locations and I asked SCORE please send me to the best coaches for me no matter the location since I am hungry to learn as much as I can.

 I met Lido and Judith at a Chamber of Commerce and they broke it down for me. They asked me what was working and what was not working then gave me insight. They told me I should tell everyone about my business. Make it be known that I do music.  Instead of sending out 100 postcards, send out 600.  They asked me why I did not give out my card when I met them and told me I need to give out my card to everyone I know and not be modest about it. They told me so much more but I cannot give out my secrets!


I learned a lot from my coaches and want me to follow up with them, so I am held accountable.