What I am Thankful This Year in my DJ Business

2018 Has been a great year. I have to be thankful for many blessings during this past year. 2017 was a good year but 2018 blew it out of the water. The people that I have connected with made it beautiful year for me and I appreciate all that I met and all that I have learned. 


 I would like to thank my fabulous clients and are so easy to work with. They gave me phenomenal playlists to keep the party going and gave awesome suggestions during the event. They are quick to respond and are good people in general. 


Also I would thank my preferred vendors who do great work and I do work with them on different events. It is a beautiful partnership. They inspire me to always be on top of my game since they are always on top of theirs. 


I do want to thank the schools I work with. It amazes me to see students with so much energy and enthusiasm. I do appreciate that the leadership teachers are classy folks and do great jobs providing a festive environment. I know it is not easy to set up multiple events per year but they keep on working hard to make the magic happen.


I really want to thank a few mentors who have given me wonderful suggestions. I would meet with them regularly and they would open up my eyes to work on my business savvy and also give tips on different dj set ups and equipment. Often times, we learn one way and stick to that way but I was able to see different set ups and pick and choose what I liked.