Not Having a DJ Versus Not Having a DJ (IPOD/IPhone versus DJ)

Not having a dj versus having a dj


Throwing an event can be an expensive endeavor. Some people have never thrown a big event before and do not know where to start. Often times they reach out to others who have thrown some type of event before or they go search online to see what tidbits of information that they can gather.


They find having the best food can be one of the most important decisions of the event. Little that they know that music also plays an imperative component of the event. Music sets the vibe of the event. It can be the subtle background during dinnertime or it can be the party motivator during the dance portion of the night.


Money can be a factor. Some folks do not know what djs charge for events. For wedding events, djs can charge 800 to 2500 depending on what the bride or groom wants. Upgrades can be multiple dj set ups such as reception music system (speakers, microphones, and dj controller) and the ceremony PA system (speakers with mixer) with multiple microphones, specific up-lighting and or any other lighting, photo booth, and television screens or projectors with screens.


For other events such as birthday parties, school dances, anniversaries, or reunions can run from 100 dollars an hour to 200 dollars an hour. There is a difference in price between weddings and other events because weddings take more planning thus more preparation.  In either case, all events need a playlist. There have been events where the clients want every song played in a certain order or as open as clients just wanted rock music. Every event is different.


So the question is, Does the party event thrower wants to save a little money and play music off an iPod or hire a dj?


The positives of an iPod /iphone or digital device that contains music: Its economic if you already have one. Set up the playlist and press play.


Negatives of ipod/iphone or digital device that plays music: What happens if device breaks?  (Power cords no longer work or batteries run out) How can one make announcements? Who will make announcements? Who will do the bouquet toss count? Limited music and silence in between songs


Positives of a dj: A Dj can make announcements when needed.  A Dj can adjust the microphone levels when different people give speeches or toasts. People hold microphones differently and have different volumes in their voices.  A Dj can pllay certain music at certain times and can read the crowd and continue with the energy of the room. A dj can suddenly change the music if no one is feeling the song.  Good djs have backup equipment incase of equipment malfunction (extra hard drive, extra laptop, extra speaker, or cabling). Also A Dj can Provide more energy for the room.


Negatives of a dj: It would be more expensive than ipod/iphone or musical device


Remember the times in high school or college when one went to a get together. There were the times they were playing an iPod or stereo. It was pretty mellow and calm. Think of the times where a dj was involved, there was so much energy and gleefulness.

Basically if one wants to up the level of the event then a dj must be hired. But then again any ole dj will not suffice. Make sure one checks their reviews or if any of your friends have recommendations.  Again the event should be memorable, so with the right ingredients will make it one your guests will always talk about.