How to Create a Wedding Playlist

Hopefully, the dj and couple can meet months in advance. Even if that is not possible, a few weeks notice would also suffice.  The key is to be prepared. Bride and groom will be less stressed making sure they have a dj is booked for their wedding. It is the mobile dj who brings the party to the event. Never tell the dj, “I trust you to play good wedding music”. Weddings are a custom event and bride and grooms should take advantage of it.

Bride and groom should work on the list together.  Keep in mind the dinner music is mostly background music. The music will not be as loud so guests can communicate while they eat.  If your guests are requesting songs that bride and groom do not like, then they can play them during dinnertime. Also during the cocktail hour, songs that particular guests like can be played at that time. During this time, the bride and groom are taking pictures and not even around to hear the music.

Try to avoid sending djs multiple lists. It would be easy to get lost in emails. Technology has brought us Gmail and couples and djs can share living documents or what they call Google docs. Songs can be loaded with notes on the document then it can be deleted if needed to be. Also with technology, Shazzam or Sound Hound can pinpoint what songs that are heard and do not know the name of the song. It keeps a record of the songs that were searched and then can added to the list.

First dance songs are special. If the dj is talented then s/he can premix the song and edit it if they want to combine two songs seamlessly. The song can be a song they listened to when they first started dating.  It could be a song that one of the two loves and the other just wants to go with the flow. Software programs like Garage Band or Logic can do a great job editing music. There is a lot of online info on how to do it right.

The most important music of the night is the dance component of the night. The music will be bringing life to the dance floor.  Send the Dj Get as many songs as you can that you love. Sometimes the dj can read the crowd, but sometimes they may put a song that slows the vibe of the event so its good to give the dj a lot of selections.