DJ Myths

DJ Myth Busters


1. It is just music and anyone can be a dj.

Music does have the a small part for Djs. A pro dj goes beyond the fact that they are playing music but works as the MC and planner for the event. Music is just one tool in their arsenal to make your event that much better.


2. DJ will play cheesy music.

A good dj is prepared and plans the playlist for each event. The client has sent a list for the DJ to follow. If the client wants cheesy music then cheesy music will be played. The client can also request that certain songs not be played.


3. I have a band at the event so a dj is not needed.

Having a band at a function can be exciting. There are more members of a band thus can be more expensive than a dj. Dj can play in between  the bands breaks and also can be the emcee of the event.


4. Set up takes only 15 to 20 minutes.

Just to take the equipment out of the vehicle may take 10 to 15 minutes. Then everything needs to be uncased and cables need to be unwound.  For myself the longest part of the set up is lifting the heavy speakers on the stand and put in the power cord and speaker cable.  What also takes a long time is setting up the lights which are individual lights attached to the light tripods. There has to be microphone checks and sound checks to see how loud one can go.


5. All djs are the same.

No two djs are the same. Everyone has their own style and own music collection. No two collections are the same with some many different remixes.


6. Everyone needs to be dancing the whole time.

Sometimes the music masestro needs to play background music while people eat. Loud dance music makes it hard to talk to neighbors at the table. 


7. The Dj will not take requests.

Best way to ask for them.  A dj is not a juke box. They have a mind of their own.  Some people demand songs and it makes it awkward for the dj. It is good to have two or three songs you can suggest to ensure the dj has it.  Best way to ask for it: Hi DJ, you are doing great. If you get a chance can you play this song?